Mission Statements


    Agency Mission

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES, an inclusive educational cooperative of 51 Long Island school districts, provides regional leadership and advocacy, direct instruction, management, and support through quality, cost-effective instructional programs, and shared services. These programs and services maximize inclusive educational and career opportunities and equitable access for Long Island’s diverse community promoting lifelong learning for both children and adults, to achieve excellence and enhance the operational effectiveness of the region.


    Eastern Suffolk BOCES: Educational Services that Transform Lives


    Educational Services Mission

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES Educational Services Division, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to meeting the needs of diverse life-long learners by providing a full spectrum of cost-effective educational and career learning programs and services. These services include those that empower school districts and other educational providers to build capacity for teaching and learning, ensure equitable access to the best education for all students and achieve excellence. The programs enrich life and maximize potential within the community and work force. We are committed to quality, communication, research, respect, safety and attention to our continually changing world.


    Management Services Mission

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES Management Services Division addresses the diverse needs of our educational community. The Division is a unique regional and internal resource dedicated to continuing its proven history of innovation, expertise and a deep commitment to quality. The Division designs, provides, and facilitates services and specialized information in the areas of administration, human resources, technology, support and management. Through the delivery of these effective services, the Division assists BOCES programs and Long Island school districts in accomplishing their respective missions.


    Human Resources Mission

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES Human Resources Department advances the region’s pursuit of excellence by fostering expertise and best practices in development of the agency's most valuable resources -- high-performing people and quality programs. Through a collaborative effort the department provides a range of services that promote staff development, outreach, communications, research, grants management, and strategic planning that capitalize on the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the agency’s staff. Together, these efforts allow the Department to support the growth of services and programs that build capacity for teaching and learning throughout the region.