• Cluster Professional Development
    Has your district ever wanted to bring in a particular person or company to provide professional development but the cost was too great?Cluster Professional Development provides districts with the opportunity to bring in high-level, costly professional development by partnering two or more districts together to share the professional development and the costs.

    If you want to possibly begin a cluster professional development opportunity in your district, please provide the following information to Bernadette Gentile (see below contact information):

    -Name of District 
    -District Contact Person/Phone/Email 
    -Name of Person/Company to provide PD
    -Goals/Objectives for the PD
    -What type of space your district has available to host the PD (i.e., how many seats)
    -How many seats your district would want to use
    We will reach out to one or more other districts to share in the cluster professional development opportunity.
    Cluster PD opportunities include (but are not limited to):
    • Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)
    • Heinemann (Leveled Literacy Intervention - LLI)
    • Learner Centered Initiatives (LCI)
    • Dr. Angela Peery
    • Scholastic, Inc.
    • The Great Neck Math Enrichment Center, Inc.
    • Wilson Language
    If a district is interested in a professional development opportunity, we have arranged the opportunity for districts to “cluster” together to share the costs.     
    For additional information, please contact:
    Bernadette Gentile
    Program Administrator for Professional Development