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    Pastry Arts and Baking - 26 Classes   $1,400
    Start a new career in pastry arts and baking or learn to bake like a professional. Through this in-depth, hands-on course, students will learn the techniques used by pastry chefs to produce a variety of gourmet breads and desserts. The course will teach students professional pastry arts and baking while producing a variety of baked goods, from basic quick breads to professional layer cakes. Topics covered will include: breads, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, soufflés, custards and more. Develop baking skills that you can use in a professional baking environment.   


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    Holiday Baking - 4 Classes   $200
    Holidays were meant for making memories! Create a lasting and delicious impression this holiday season with classic holiday treats. Bake from scratch, add a little love and bring these treats home for your holiday celebrations.

    Additional Requirements:  Apron, closed shoes and hair ties if necessary.  Please inform your instructor of any food allergies at the beginning of the course. Don’t forget containers to bring your baked goods home.

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    Cake Decorating - 10 Classes    $565
    If you are interested in learning how to decorate like a professional baker, then this is the class for you! You will learn flowers, borders, and piping skills using butter cream, royal icing, rolled fondant and how to properly build and ice a cake. 

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    Commercial Culinary Arts - 30 Classes    $2,300

    Have you let your aspirations of becoming a chef marinate too long? It is time for you to start cooking like a chef! You’ll receive training in a fully equipped commercial kitchen and work side by side with a master chef/instructor who has extensive industry experience.  This course will introduce you to kitchen and restaurant operations as well as the cooking and food industry.  Program topics include: basic cooking techniques, knife skills, multiple course cooking, food safety, sanitation, and commercial cooking equipment. You will learn the glamourous world of plating and presentation techniques all while exploring the use of standard and exotic foods used all over the world. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements will also be discussed.    Please visit www.esboces.org/bookstore for textbook information and ordering.  Students are required to purchase a uniform. Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.
    Additional Requirements:  Students are required to purchase a uniform.  

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    Everyday Healthy Cooking - 5 Classes   $325
    Tired of fast food? If you’re looking forward to clean cooking, this course will give you the skills needed to spice up your healthy eating.  Menu selections will add flavor to healthy, nutritious and guilt-free dishes. Students will prepare and sample soups, salads, entrees and desserts.  

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    Introduction to Cooking - 5 Classes   $325
    Every great chef needs to start with the basics.  You will learn the fundamentals necessary to start your journey into the tasty world of cooking.  You will learn: knife skills, soups and stocks, sauces, roasting and sautéing.  Whether just beginning to cook or looking for a thorough refresher of the basics, this hands-on class will have you cooking in no time.  
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    Italian Cooking
    - 5 Classes   $325
    Italian food can be hearty, flavorful, and easy to make with the right skills. In this class, you'll learn how to cook traditional Italian dishes. Using simple techniques, you'll create recipes that have crossed generations.  You will learn to "marry" the sauce to the pasta, create flavorful entrees, soups and desserts that will leave a lasting impression. 

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    Welcome to the World of Chocolate - 6 Classes   $425
    If you are a chocoholic, this course is for you! Learn the art of chocolate! You’ll discover the tricks behind tempering and working with chocolate, produce chocolate candies of your own design, and discover how to mold and dip chocolate to make irresistible delights. Begin your chocolate experience by registering today.  
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    Couples Culinary Class - 6 Classes   $500 per couple
    Spend some quality time in the kitchen and learn how to spice things up! This hands-on course will give you and your significant other the opportunity to create four star meals. Our chef will guide you and other couples through the preparation of six different meals that can be replicated in the comfort of your own home. Bring containers so you can enjoy your leftovers. 
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    Introduction to French Pastries - 8 Classes   $450
    Enter the delicious world of French baking.  You will learn the great secrets and the neat little tricks that make French pastries an art form. Your newfound skills are bound to entice any connoisseur. Recipes will include crepes to tarts and all the sweet decadent things in between.  
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    NEW French Culinary Basics - 10 Classes   $500
    French cuisine sounds fancy, but with the right ingredients, techniques, and dining mentality, you can create amazing French meals on an average weeknight. This course will teach you how to create a harmonious dish that elevates the quality of the main ingredients by layering flavors as only the French can do. Come in as a beginner and leave as a possible culinary artist. Bring containers so you can enjoy your leftovers.  
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