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Blueprint Reading - 16 Classes
This course will enable a student to read and understand architectural building plans and list various materials needed in the construction of residential and light commercial structures. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Basic Carpentry Skills -  12 Classes

This entry-level class will introduce students to the basic skills of the trade and include blue print reading techniques. Hands-on work will include hand tool familiarization, as well as safe operation of power equipment such as table saws and portable circular saws. Throughout this course, students will become familiar with terminology, materials and nailing codes. A required basic tool list will be supplied on the first night of class. Steel toe work shoes and safety glasses are required.

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Residential Construction - Traditional Building & Tiny Home Living - 21 Classes

Carpentry makes up the largest building trades occupation in the industry and these with all around skills are in high demand. This course will focus on general construction skills.  Units of study include: conventional framing, roofing and siding, decking and flooring, windows and doors and a Tiny House Seminar. Tap into the growing alternative technology and the demand for innovative and sustainable housing design to address emergency, transitional and tiny home living.  A tool list will be supplied on the first night of class.  OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements will be discussed.  Eastern Suffolk BOCES has partnered with industry creator, Dynamic Supplier Alignment and its supply chain partner Hunter Shelters to provide a job shadowing experience for qualified students in its “Create Local, Make Local℠” Movement. Steel toe work boots and safety glasses are required.  Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.

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Architectural Moldings - 6 Classes

Prerequisite: Students must have experience using equipment such as sliding compound, table saws and chop saws.  This course will cover simple one piece molding to built up details. Students will learn how to cut and install architectural moldings. Learn how to use a sliding compound saw and cope joints. Topics include: base molding, door and window casing, crown molding, wainscotting and chair rails. Required materials include: pouch, tape measure, pencils, knife, hammer, nail sets, speed sq, small flat bar, safety glasses and coping saw.

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NEW Tile Installation and Design - 12 Classes
Learn from an expert in the field of tile installation and design.  This is a hands-on class.  Topics that you will observe and practice will include:  design, preparation of floors or walls, mud base, measuring and cutting tile and different materials to work with.  Discussions will include the selection of tile for flooring and walls.
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Home Inspector Program

This program prepares students to meet the requirements of the New York State Home Inspection licensing law and the New York State Home Inspector certification exam. This course is the first of five modules totaling 100 hours of classroom time and 40 hours of in-field experience. Homework and final exams will be given; 90% attendance is mandatory by state law. After completing this course and passing the New York State exam, students who are seeking to be licensed must apply directly to the New York State (NYS) Division of Licensing Services with a non-refundable $250.00 application fee. High School Diploma or GED® is required to sit for the New York State exam. The first four modules of the Home Inspector program consist of 25 hours of classroom time per module. Throughout the program, students will be introduced to the specific trades involved in the home inspection process, as well as NYS home inspection standards relative to each module. The fifth module is a 40-hour field experience. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Module 1 - Exterior and Roof - 8 Classes

Included in Module 1 are the following topics: structural, exterior and roof components.

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Home Inspector Module 2 - Interior, Insulation and Ventilation, and Electrical - 8 Classes

Included in Module 2 are the following topics: interior, insulation, ventilation and electrical components.

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Home Inspector Module 3 - Heating, Cooling and Plumbing - 8 Classes

Included in Module 3 are the following topics: heating, cooling and plumbing components.

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Home Inspector Module 4 - Overview of the Profession, NYS License Law and Report Writing - 8 Classes
Included in Module 4 are the following topics: overview of the profession, license law and report writing.

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Home Inspector Module 5 - Unpaid Field-Based Training - 40 Hours

Module 5 is a 40 hour field experience. Students will be provided the opportunity to complete a variety of home inspections in the field.

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Electric 1 - 26 Classes

This comprehensive course will prepare students for entry into this field. Topics will stress the fundamentals of basic electrical theory and hands-on experience as it relates to residential wiring. Ohms Law, calculations, wiring methods and content leading towards the introduction of commercial applications will be introduced. To be successful in this course, it is recommended that students have a strong background in basic math and elementary algebra. Students will be provided with a list of hand tools that must be purchased at a cost of approximately $300. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Electric 2 - 29 Classes

Prerequisite:  Electric 1 or basic knowledge of NEC and prior trade or school experience.  This course introduces AC theory as it relates to single and three phase commercial and industrial wiring methods. This curriculum includes motor and transformer theory and DC logic controllers. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements will also be discussed. Hands-on applications will be applied to all theory covered.  20-hour career internship is required for course completion.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering. Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.

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National Electric Code - 38 Classes

Prerequisite: Electric 1 or trade experience.  Taught by an experienced, licensed electrical contractor, this course will study in depth the interpretation of the current NEC as practiced by electrical contractors, including local inspector's interpretations. Students will learn how the code applies to electrical safety in wiring. This course will also deal with in depth analysis of the National Electrical Code as it pertains to specialty areas such as wiring for explosion proof locations, auto repair and spray booth locations, health care and public assembly applications, boatyards and marinas and emergency standby systems. This a a theory class.  Please visit  for textbook information and ordering. Students must purchase code book. Information will be supplied during first class. Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.

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Plumbing 1 - 10 Classes

This course prepares students to enter the plumbing field. Students will learn basic repairs, installing faucets, sinks, water closets and bathtubs. The theory of soldering and cutting cast iron will also be reviewed. Throughout the course, students will learn and utilize the proper terminology related to the plumbing field. A hands-on application in a shop setting will allow for practical learning experience. A list of required tools will be given to students on the first night of class.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Plumbing 2 - 10 Classes

Prerequisite:  CTR5000 Plumbing 1.  This expanded course covers the roughing and finishing of domestic plumbing systems. Students will learn how to remodel and renovate existing plumbing systems, cutting and threading of pipe and the proper procedures for installing gas water heaters. NYS plumbing codes and licensing requirements will be discussed. A list of required tools will be given to students on the first night of class.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Plumbing 3 - 15 Classes

Prerequisite:  Plumbing 1 or 1-year minimum trade experience.  This is a comprehensive theory class for individuals preparing for a license in the field of plumbing. Code readings, isometric drawings and how to read plans, along with detailed reference to licensing requirements will be covered. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements will also be discussed.  Eastern Suffolk BOCES has partnered with Petro Home Services to provide a job-shadowing experience for qualified students.  Students will receive the information from their instructor on the first night of class.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering. 

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Solar Power and Alternative Energy Sources - 14 Classes
This course will introduce residential and commercial property owners to solar power and its many uses in our daily lives.  The course will focus on the explosive growth of the solar photovoltaic market which has created one of the fastest growing industries in the world with many new job and career opportunities.  Areas of study will include the use of solar power in residential, commercial, municipal and not-for-profit buildings.  Students will learn the basics of solar design including solar site surveys, technology and products, financing, the application process and installation.  Students will learn to design their own solar power system for their home or business use.  The course will combine theory in the classroom, including designing a solar system and learning hands-on installation techniques in the solar lab actually installing a solar system.  Additional areas of study will include:  theory and the practice of changing DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current); monitoring systems; other solar powered products; solar thermal systems; and battery backup systems.  Students will be introduced to other green and renewable energy solutions including wind, geothermal and combine heat and power (CHP) systems.  Graduates will be well qualified for job opportunities in the solar industry after finishing the requirements of this course.  Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.  Please visit  for textbook information and ordering.
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NEW Facilities Maintenance - 20 Classes
This 60-hour training course will teach you the best practices in basic and advanced custodial skills, including OSHA and Forklift certification.  Other topics to be discussed:  Principles of Public Health, Professional Behavior in the Workplace and Office Skills.  Students will complete 20 hours on facilities maintenance and 40 hours on forklift training.  Note:  all forklift training will be held at the Milliken Technical Center in Oakdale. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to seek job opportunities in the Facilities Maintenance industry. 
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NEW Forklift Training Course - 10 Classes

This 40-hour Forklift Training course will provide you with the knowledge and skill to operate a fork lift.  Students will complete eight modules of training which include ramp driving, pallet racks, and driving on a loading dock.  This course is a great additional certification that will enhance your job skills.
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