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Computer Repair - 21 Classes - Evening, 25 Classes - Day
This course is designed the person looking to enter the computer field for the first time or simply looking to upgrade and repair their own computer. In-depth discussions and hands-on lab time will provide plenty of hardware and software troubleshooting experience to help solve many possible PC problems. A review of Microsoft Operating Systems, the Windows Registry, how to combat Spyware, Adware, viruses and an introduction to home networking are just some of the topics covered. Students will be invited to bring problem computers into class and may upgrade or build a computer if time allows.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering.
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A+ Certification Core/OS Refresher - 20 Classes
Prerequisite: CTE1000 Computer Repair or 6 months experience in computer repair field.  This course will help prepare candidates to demonstrate their ability to install, configure, upgrade and repair microcomputer hardware. Students will review requirements for Comp(TIA) 2004 A+ certification for hardware and operating systems. Students will participate in "mock" computerized exams. Test dates and times will be discussed. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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Introduction to Computers - 10 Classes - Evening, 20 Classes - Day
Students will be introduced to the personal computer components and how they work. In this guided introductory course; students will develop an understanding of MS Windows, computer files, data storage and setting up an e-mail account. The course continues with a more comprehensive level of MS Word and other MS Office applications. This course is recommended for anyone seeking employment or who wishes to gain knowledge to understand and enjoy a computer.


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Microsoft Excel XP -16 Classes
Students will be able to enter data, use formulas, format commands, as well as develop macros and graphs. Using advanced features, students will manage large amounts of data with pivot tables and powerful functions. Students will create and use macros. They will also learn how to protect cells from other users, validate entered data, and "grab" values from other workbooks to decrease file size. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.


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NEW Introduction to Electronics and Engineering - 8 Classes
Prerequisite: Basic PC skills.  In this extremely hands-on course, we will delve into how to get started in electronics and learn basic engineering skills to set you on your journey to make something really unique! Who knows, maybe you will start the next great company like Apple, Google or Tesla with your newly minted, technical ability. Students will work on a project based on the topics learned, including: Microcontroller, Basic Programming in the C language, Let’s Learn Binary, and the SparkFun Inventor’s kit. Students are required to purchase the SparkFun Inventor’s kit. The cost of the kit is $99.95 and can be purchased by visiting
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