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Computer Repair - 21 Classes - Evening, 25 Classes - Day
Are you looking to enter the computer field for the first time or maybe upgrade and repair your own computer?  Hands-on lab time and lessons will include hardware and software troubleshooting as well as a review of Microsoft operating systems, the Windows Registry, how to combat spyware, adware and viruses.  Students are invited to bring problem computers to class and upgrade or build a computer if time allows.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering.
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A+ Certification Core/OS Refresher - 20 Classes
Prepare for a career in the computer technology industry in just a few months.   Upon completion of this course, you will be able to install, configure, upgrade and repair microcomputer hardware.  Requirements for Comp (TIA) 2004 A+ certification for hardware and operating systems will be reviewed. You will participate in "mock" computerized exams. Test dates and times will be discussed.   Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

Additional Requirements: CTE1000 Computer Repair or 6 months experience in the computer repair field.

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Introduction to Computers - 10 Classes 
Are you seeking employment or want to gain knowledge on how to utilize your computer?  Taking this introductory course will allow you to navigate your computer comfortably, create an email account, store data, create files, and explore the world of Microsoft Office.  Attention employers: this course could enhance the skill set of your current employees.  


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Microsoft Excel  -11 Classes
Many companies today, regardless of department or position, have a need to utilize Excel to manage their inventory, finances, sales, etc.  This course will help you get up and running and start appreciating its many uses.  We will explore Excel in real world, hands-on situations to further reinforce the skills needed. Attention employers: this course could enhance the skill set of your current employees.    Please visit for textbook information and ordering.

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