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Cosmetology Licensing Program – Day - 172 Classes

Prerequisite: U.S. High School Diploma or equivalency. Foreign Diplomas must be evaluated and verified before registration.  If you have a desire to be artistic, the world of cosmetology is the one for you. The 1000-hour New York State licensed course will open many doors for you. The licensed course will lead you down the path to developing skills in hair styling, hair coloring, hair cutting, all chemical techniques, make-up, skin care, and all phases of nail technology. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certification will also be included. Preparation for the state board written and practical exam is an essential part of the licensed curriculum. The instructor of this course is a skilled state examiner as well as a licensed, experienced instructor. An mandatory orientation meeting will be held for all enrolled students on Tuesday August 11th  at 1:00 PM  at the Bixhorn Technical Center in Bellport. The Cosmetology Licensing Program is now eligible for federal student aid.  Please call 631-233-4450 for more information.

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NEW Cosmetology Licensing Program - Evening - 139 Classes
Students enrolled in the Cosmetology Evening program will complete 528 hours from September 19, 2016 - June 29, 2017.  Students will resume the Cosmetology Evening program in the Fall of 2017 to complete the required 1,000 hours.  Dates to be announced.
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Cosmetology Licensing Program - Level II - 114 Classes
This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Level I (600) hours of course work in an accredited NYS Cosmetology Licensing Program. This 400-hour course consists of hairstyling, hair coloring, haircutting, all chemical techniques, make-up skin care, and all phases of nail technology. Students are required to hold a valid U.S. High School Diploma or equivalent. Foreign diplomas must be evaluated and verified prior to registration. All candidates must submit a transcript from their former school/program prior to registration. Acceptance into the program is at Program Administrator’s discretion.  
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Cosmetology Make-Up Hours- 5 Classes

This program is designed for students who need to make up hours to qualify for the New York State Cosmetology licensing examination. This course is taught in modules during a two week period in the summer and during the school year from October to May. Students MUST meet with our cosmetology teacher for an evaluation of formal transcripts describing accumulated cosmetology hours prior to acceptance into this program. Where necessary, an entrance exam may be required. Once accepted, the appropriate module(s) and schedule(s) will be assigned. The course will be offered in 30-hour/ 1-week blocks at $360 per week. Students must come to class with their own mannequins, tools, and non-consumable supplies. Placement in this program is contingent upon space availability in the class.

Preparation for the New York State Licensing Cosmetology Exam- 10 Classes

This course is designed for individuals who have completed the 1,000 hours for licensing, but did not take the New York State Cosmetology Licensing Exam. All skills required for this exam will be demonstrated and practiced. Students must supply their own tools. Mannequin and review text included in tuition.

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Esthetician - 75 Classes - Day, 150 Classes Evening
Prerequisite:  U.S. High School Diploma or equivalency.  Foreign Diplomas must be evaluated and verified prior to registration.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Become a professional Esthetician and begin a career creating beauty!  Become employed in a spa, laser clinic, plastic surgery office, resort, cruise ship or a salon.  This course is taught by an industry professional instructor who will guide and instruct you in classroom theory as well as a sterile clinical lab.  This program is a New York State licensed 600-hour course.  Tuition includes a student make-up kit.  White uniform and textbook are to be purchased by the student.  Please visit for textbook information and ordering.  A supplemental tool and supply list will be discussed at the first class meeting. Special offer for BOCES students.  Call 631-286-6585 for more information and financial options.
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NEW Spray Tan Workshop - 2 Classes 
Add a new service to your Salon or start a business using the Bronze Biologic Tanning System. This 2-day workshop will offer you the opportunity to join a billion dollar sunless industry where you can offer your clients spray tanning in your salon or in your home. This workshop includes hands-on training, marketing and a certification from Bronze Biologic. Students are required to purchase the Bronze Biologic Spray Tanning kit. The cost of the kit is $995 which will allow you to spray tan 100 clients. Information for purchasing the kit will be available at registration. 
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NEW Airbrush Make-Up - 2 Classes 
Airbrushing has become one of the premier ways of applying make-up. In this course, we will give you a clear and easy demonstration on how the tool works and show how to properly care for and maintain it. In addition, we teach the techniques to apply beautiful, flawless beauty make-up. Learn techniques that are being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients. Included in this workshop is Bridal Make-up. Learn the techniques used to complete a successful consultation with a bride and family members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding make-up and what is required to successfully own a bridal make-up business. Students enrolled in this class will learn both airbrush and make-up training. Students are required to purchase the TEMPTU airbrush kit for $425. Information for purchasing the kit will be available at registration. 
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NEW Chemical Peel Workshop - 2 Classes 
Prerequisite: Licensed Esthetician.  Chemical Peels have become a staple of the esthetics profession. Peels are used for anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, and oily skin, as well as to deliver overall healthier, smoother, more youthful skin. Estheticians will grasp a complete understanding of the different types of chemical peels. Enzymes, alpha/beta peels, Jessner's solution as well as advanced technology in chemical peeling agents will be discussed. Attendees will learn the physiological reactions of peeling agents on the skin, as well as how to determine which peels are suitable for each skin type and condition. Students are required to purchase a kit of chemical peels and products for $250. Information for purchasing the kit will be available at registration.  
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Desairology- 8 Classes

Prerequisite:  New York State Cosmetology License  Desairology is the art of caring for the hair, skin and nails of the deceased in a funeral home preparation. The specialty is performed by a Desairologist who is licensed in cosmetology under New York State Law. If you are a licensed cosmetologist that would like to provide such a service, the course is 20 hours. The 20 hours of instruction will include applying make-up, hairstyling, nail care, and applying the finishing touches. A make-up kit exclusively designed for use on the deceased is included in the tuition. The Desairologist seeks to capture the essence of the deceased and to create for the family a memory of their loved one. Fields trips to a funeral home will be provided.

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Advanced Hairstyling and Haircutting for the Licensed Cosmetologist- 8 Classes

Prerequisite:  New York State Cosmetology License  Are you a hairdresser who needs to sharpen your skills?  Are you looking for a new haircut, hairstyle or hair color to offer your clients? Barbara Lhotan, a world-renowned hairstylist, who styles models and celebrities, has it all waiting for you.    She is bringing her talents to Eastern Suffolk BOCES to assist you with the newest trends in haircuts, hairstyling, hair coloring and special occasion long hair.  Two mannequins are included in the tuition.

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NEW Waxing Certificate Program -  13 Classes

This 75-hour New York State licensed course will prepare you for a career in face and body waxing.  This course will include state laws and professional requirements, physiology and histology of the skin, disorders and diseases, bacteriology, sanitation and disinfection and the removal of superfluous hair.  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to pass the NYS written and practical exam and obtain the New York State specialty license in Waxing.

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Nail Technician Licensing Program- 104 Classes

This course will cover both practical skills and related theory required to pass the NYS written segment of the licensing examination. Students in ESOL and TASC courses are welcome. Bi-lingual help is available. The 250-hour New York State approved curriculum for the nail technician licensing covers all phases of manicures, pedicures, artificial nail applications, nail art and all related sanitation and sterilization procedures. Literacy students MUST meet with vocational advisor prior to registering for this course.  Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.

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Barbering Licensing Program - Evening- 134 Classes

Prerequisite: U.S. High School Diploma or Equivalency. Foreign Diplomas must be evaluated and verified before registration.  This 536-hour class will prepare students for a career in Barbering. This course fulfills the New York State requirements necessary to qualify for the New York State licensing examination. You will be instructed in all skills related to barbering. These skills include: contemporary haircutting and styling, shaving, mustache and beard design, shampoos, rinses and conditioning treatments. You will learn proper sanitation techniques, hygiene practices, safety measures and first aid techniques. You will also study anatomy and physiology, shop management and professional ethics. Students are required to purchase their own kit. Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.  Veteran approved.

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Skin Care and Make-Up Academy - 15 Classes
If you are a person who is creative and likes to make women feel good about themselves, a career in make-up may be for you. Topics discussed are how to: handle make-up and tools professionally; relate to clients; and design a portfolio. Practical application and theory will consist of the color wheel, basic skin care, facials, formulating skin cleansing products and facial masks. Students will learn to create day time, evening, high fashion and wedding make-up applications to different skin tones and facial shapes. Job opportunities will be discussed. A make-up kit is included in tuition. Students will need to purchase a white uniform top. Please visit for textbook information and ordering.  Please call 631-286-6585 for financial options.  
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NEW Laser Certification Course - 5 Classes
Prerequisite:  Licensed Cosmetologist, LPN, or Licensed Esthetician.  Upon completion of the Laser Certification course, you will be able to offer hair removal and/or skin pigmentation removal to your clients. This course is offered in partnership with Suffolk Imaging at their Lake Grove location.  You must register in-person at an Eastern Suffolk BOCES registration office and bring your license  or certification with you. 
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NEW Electrolysis - 30 Classes
Start a career in permanent hair removal.  Eastern Suffolk BOCES has partnered with Suffolk Imaging to offer a certification in Electrolysis.  The course,  includes 120 hours of theory and practical skill, and will be held at Suffolk Imaging, Lake Grove.
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