Year-Round Enrichment Programs


    Enrichment Activities during School Closings

    Year-Round Extended Day Enrichment

    The units below are 10 to 15 day units with activities for each day:

    BrainPOP (Grades K-8 and ELL populations) is offering free, unlimited use of BrainPOP to any school, anywhere, that is closed due to the coronavirus during the period of their closure. This is intended for schools that do not currently have a subscription:  BrainPOP link

    E-Sports – participating students and coaches can utilize the resources provided through their account to practice their skills outside the classroom.

    Long Island Science and Engineering Fairs (LISEF) – Resources for teachers can be found through the National Science Teaching Association Freebies for Teachers: Resources for parents can be found through the same association at:

    Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Programs

    Patchogue-Medford Air Force – course packets have been developed for two weeks’ worth of assignments.

    William Floyd Navy – power point lessons and worksheets will be posted on the school portal for online instruction.  Each cadet is also issued at home a cadet field manual, cadet drill manual, and cadet reference manual that contains general JROTC knowledge. The online portal will be used to assign the review of these manuals to maintain/refresh their general JROTC during a quarantine or shutdown.

    Regional Quiz Bowl – participating students are encouraged to create an account to utilize the practice material provided:

    Science 21 – all lessons and activities are posted online by grade level at:

    Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) – sessions will be made available online for the students so they can participate remotely. Stony Brook will be working with the participating schools and school liaisons directly to reserve classroom space and technology at their school in order for the HS WISE sessions to be held remotely at their schools. More information to follow.


    Why E-Sports??

    Click Here to Start an E-Sports Program
    For more information, please contact Danielle Hudek at 244-4250. 

     Whacky science   JrROTC
    Science 21
    The Science 21 program provides delivery and pick-up of Science kits for K-6, professional development and instructional support.  
    For more information, please contact Danielle Hudek at 244-4250. 
    Naval/Air Force JROTC 
    Navy and Air Force Junior ROTC programs operate and are located in local High Schools for students in grades 9-12.
    LISEF - Long Island Science and Engineering Fair
    The Long Island Science and Engineering Fair promotes and supports excellence in scientific inquiry in grades 9-12 by providing a competition for the most advanced high school projects. The participants in this fair present a scientific topic of study to professionals in their subject areas from local universities, scientific institutions and professionals in the field, and are judged on their knowledge and application of scientific research.
    LISEF Junior Varsity
    The Long Island Science and Engineering Fair-Junior Varsity provides an opportunity for students to develop their presentation skills through participation in a local science competition with a focus on younger students who desire an opportunity to discuss their projects with knowledgeable adults outside of their school environment, and serves as a stepping stone in their research career. Students are judged by science and math teachers and compete in eight categories.
    LISEF SSPMSP - Society for Science & the Public-Middle School Program
    The Long Island Science and Engineering Fair-SSP MSP is open to students in grades 6-8 providing an opportunity for students in middle school grades to research and present a scientific topic of study and perform an investigation. The results of their investigation are presented at the LISEF-SSP MSP. Students are judged on their knowledge and application of scientific research and are evaluated on the merit of their work for positions at the National Competition.
    WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)
    A program that pairs outstanding students in grade 10-12 with active scientists from SUNY Stony Brook. The scientists meet monthly to advise and mentor the students.
    Year-Round Extended-Day Enrichment
    A program that provides before and after school enrichment for grades K-6.

    Year-Round Extended Day Enrichment 2020-21

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