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    The Eastern Suffolk BOCES Curriculum and Assessment Program coordinates the following scoring services for participating districts under CoSer 531:


    531.515 – Full Service Scoring for Grades 3-8 and NYSESLAT Grades K-12:

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES will coordinate and supervise full service scoring for the New York State Testing Program (NYSTP) Grade 3-8 assessments for English Language Arts, mathematics, science and the NYSESLAT Grades K-12 in collaboration with an electronic scoring vendor, Optimum Solutions Corporation.


    531.525 – In-District Scoring Leader Request for Grades 3-8 NYSED Assessments:

    Eastern Suffolk BOCES Assessment Scoring Trainers will facilitate the 3-8 assessment scoring in your district.


    531.530 – New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA) Training for Computer Based Testing:

    The NYSAA CBT Training includes updated information from the New York State Department of Education regarding the NYSAA, a detailed overview of the changes to the assessment and a presentation of the training program for teachers administering the NYSAA in ELA, mathematics and science facilitated by New York State Alternate Assessment Training Network Specialists (AATNs).


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