Title III Consortia in Nassau and Suffolk County School Districts

  • The two ESSA Title III Consortia, for which the L.I. RBERN serves as Lead Applicant for funding and organizational purposes, are comprised of component school districts in Nassau County and in Suffolk County.  The two Consortia focus on enhancing the education of English Language Learners (ELLs) in order to mee the New York State Learning Standards through the infusion and integration of instructional technology into English as a New Language (ENL) programs. Through this federal funding source, ENL teachers in participating districts receive hardware, peripheral equipment, educational software, and subscriptions to online resources/applications; they are also provided with full-day professional development sessions and on-site embedded coaching needed to successfully incorporate instructional technology into their classrooms.   In addition, teachers receive training in interpreting and analyzing New York State ELA, Math and NYSESLAT data to inform their instruction and support the academic achievement of ELLs.

    At the end of each school year, the Title III Consortia's teachers participate in a “Celebration of Learning" at which our ENL teachers in both counties
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    share and demonstrate what they developed and implemented in classroom instruction that includes the technology, software, applications, and Internet subscriptions they had received and utilized during the year.
    Follow this link to view the LIRBERN Title III Celebration of Learning website where our teacher participants from around Long Island share their learning experiences/lesson plans online for viewing and adapting by other teachers of ELLs.
    Celebration of Learning Experiences pdf booklets from previous years can be viewed and downloaded at the links provided below.

Learning Experience Booklets 2008-09 through 2018-2019