• Each Board of Cooperative Educational Services Regional Information Center, working cooperatively with other BOCES within its regional service delivery area, is required to prepare a regional plan for providing technology services in the regional service delivery area. This plan must be submitted to the Commissioner on or before the last day of March of each year. Each plan must outline the actions completed during the prior year, current technology efforts in the region, and a five-year projection of major tasks to be undertaken.

    Consistent with prior policy, each regional plan must have a signoff from all District Superintendents (Section 6) within the regional service delivery area. Each plan must also include a statement assuring that new and existing technology services were analyzed using an appropriate cost-benefit methodology and that existing services were analyzed using an appropriate cost-effectiveness methodology. (Section 7).

    Cost-effectiveness is defined as

    • When the same or better results can be achieved for less dollars
    • When the results can be improved with the same dollars
    • When an increase in dollars will provide greater results than the incremental increase in cost

    All plans must conform to the following format:

    • One summary page for each of the first seven sections of the plan
    • Section 8 should include all applications and services provided through the 7710 and 6360 Co-Sers, using the format and categories mutually agreed to by the Regional Information Centers and the Department
    • Should additional information need to be included, links may be inserted in the plan referencing information available online at the Regional Information Center
    • Only if information is unavailable online should it be appended at the end of the plan format
    • Specific descriptions of individual services should not be submitted separately. Regional Information Centers are encouraged to provide the plans and any supporting documentation online at the Center, with the caveat that the plan is a draft until it has been approved by the Department
    • Each plan must be submitted electronically by March 31 of each year, to the address below. If the plan is not received in a timely fashion, approval to conduct this particular service within the region may be jeopardized

    Complete plans should be submitted electronically to the New York State Education Department. Signed assurances (Sections 6 and 7) should be mailed to the address below.

    Should paper copies of supporting documentation be necessary, they may be mailed to:

    Office of District Superintendents and BOCES
    New York State Education Department
    876 EBA
    Education Building Annex
    Albany, NY 12234

    Note: all links below lead to a document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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