School-wide Behavior Management System

  • The objective of the building-wide Behavior Management System is to enhance students’ ability to be responsible citizens in school and in life. We believe positive behavior is a skill that can be learned by all students. Every aspect of the Behavior Management System provides opportunities for our students to make positive behavioral choices. There are seven levels within the system, including an All-Star level, each requiring positive adaptation to the behavioral and academic skills needed for long-term success.

    All students are evaluated on a period by period basis in the following target areas:

    ●Actively participating in class, following class rules and teacher directions (2 points)

    Being verbally respectful towards staff and fellow students (2 points)

    Being respectful of school property and the personal space of staff and fellow students (2 points)

    Arriving on time to class, remaining in class, and not spending more than five minutes in the refocus area (4 points)

    Additionally, students can earn rewards for using their phone appropriately during the instructional time


    The school day at Islip Academic Center is divided into nine academic periods and homeroom. The highest score a student can earn on a given day is 100 points. A student needs to earn a score of at least 80 points in order to be credited a day toward the next level. Below is a breakdown of the rewards available to each student once they achieve the corresponding level.




    Points required


    Classroom rewards





    Rewards per class given at the discretion of the teacher.

    Per class

    Week 1 motivational snack bag reward


    Open to students that return required paperwork and have good attendance.


    Monthly rewards breakfast





    Open to level 2 students and above.

    Students that have reached level 2 will be invited to attend the monthly rewards breakfast.


    Monthly rewards pizza


    Open to level 3 students and above.

    Students that have reached level 3 will be invited to attend the monthly rewards lunch.


    Monthly trips





    Level determined by each trip

    Students will be invited to attend monthly trips, such as bowling and the beach, based on their level. 


    End of year trip





    Level 6 & All-Star level

    Students who achieve the highest levels will be invited to attend an end-of-the-year trip.

    Once a year

    Gift Card





    All Star Level

    Students who achieve gold level will receive a gift card & a special lunch.

    Once a year