Emergency Notifications Systems

  • These web-based calling systems enable school administrators to record, schedule,send, and track personalized messages to students, parents, and staff in minutes. Eastern Suffolk BOCES support: setup, phone support, user group meetings, and training are available.

    BLI Messaging

    BLI Messaging is a school announcement alert messaging system that communicates with student families and staff via three communication channels: email, voice and SMS text messaging.

    ConnectEd (Blackboard Connect)

    The Connect-ED (Blackboard Connect) service enables school administrators to record, schedule, send, and track personalized voice messages to tens of thousands of students, parents, and staff in minutes. This system supports community outreach, attendance notifications, emergency communications, and single surveys.

    Global Connect

    Global Connect’s Parent Notification System is a 100% web-based parent notification system. The flat annual per student fee includes all the features and functions of the system. Services include, but are not limited to, unlimited calls, emails, texts, automated absentee calls, text to speech, polling/surveying, parent portal, and secure data integration.

    Message Logix K12 Alerts

    K12 Alerts is an emergency messaging platform for school districts that enables them to send real-time emergency messaging to parents, residents and staff. The information is accessed through work and home emails and/or cell phone text messages. The system enables parents to maintain their emergency contact information and children’s information online 24/7 for district, school or grade email and cell phone broadcasts.

    School Messenger

    School Messenger provides notification solutions used in K-12 environments for emergency broadcasts, parent outreach, and student attendance communications. Messages can be broadcast via phone, email, and text messages. The system has translation capability from English to over 30 languages, with built-in quality assurance. This allows creation of surveys with an unlimited number of questions to be delivered through the phone and/or email. This service also provides web access for parents to set contact preferences (such as phone numbers, emails, etc.).