Payroll FAQs


    Will I receive a pay stub for a Direct Deposit?
    Direct deposit stubs are available on WinCapWeb, under the self-service menu.
    What if I open a different bank account or move my bank account to another branch?
    If you have a change in your bank account information, a new Direct Deposit Form (4411F.1) needs to be submitted along with proof of account from your banking institution.
    If I have a question regarding my paycheck should I call Payroll or Human Resources?
    If you have a question about your bi-weekly salary calculation, payment of overtime, additional pay, tax status/withholding, deductions, or time sheet inquiry, it should be directed to payroll
    If you have a question regarding your salary, longevity, educational incentive, or health waiver, it should be directed to Human Resources. 
    Who do I call when I didn’t receive a paycheck and I thought I should?
    Please email the payroll department at
    What is my employee ID number?
    Your employee ID number is used to identify you and is listed on your salary notice when you are hired and your pay advice each pay period. This number is very important to use or all of your forms and communications with payroll.
    I was looking at my pay advice and noticed I have a deduction for social security (FICA) and Medicare tax, I do not receive either of these, so why is it being deducted?
    Social Security and Medicare are Federally mandated payroll taxes that every employee must pay. See the website
    Who do I contact if I have any payroll related questions?
    Questions can be sent by e-mail to