Artist and Presenter Information

  • How to Become Accepted Artist/Presenter/Vendor in AIE/EE

    Procedure for New Artists/Presenters:  Complete and sign a W9 form (listed below) with your email address listed.  Please complete exactly as you will invoice us for payment. Once completed and signed please send to  You will be entered into our system and receive an auto-generated email with the instructions on completing the Consultant Application.    The email will come from

    All Artists:  Each year the Consultant Application, program descriptions and NYS Retirement system form must be updated. 

    The Consultant application consists of the following required components:

    1. Application w/references is for all vendors/artists/presenters (you must provide at least two).
    2. Program Description(s)

    a. AIE Programs must have a clear educational connection to the new Arts Standards or they will be listed under Exploratory Enrichment. New York State Arts Standards:

    b. Only Arts-In-Ed Programs can include Professional Development-not EE.

    1. NYS-NYC Retirement System forms must be completed each school year. Click here:  NYS-NYC Retirement System Status Form


    *****NEW ARTISTS MUST SUBMIT AT LEAST TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION--From Principals, school administrators, teachers, librarians etc., attesting to the quality of the program(s) being submitted for inclusion in the online Program catalogue.


    Virtual Arts in Ed Program Zoom meeting held on July 17, 2020



    All accepted artists are required to have Commercial General Liability insurance.  This information is also contained within the artist contract.  You will be required to provide evidence of coverage upon request.  Policy term must be current.


    ***It is your responsibility to make sure your website is ADA Accessible.  In attaching a link or website you are agreeing that your website and/or Video are ADA accessible. 

    For more information:   

    Once we have received all required components you will be sent for review and inclusion in the online program catalogue.  (Review process dependent on availability of Advisory Council-Typically 1-2 weeks) Applications received prior to the deadline will receive an email of acceptance.


    All artists presenting workshops/or residencies are required to be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting for the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is now handled by MorphoTrust and its subsidiary, IdenttoGo.  A listing of IdentoGo Live Scan sites can be found at IdentoGoWebsite:

    Procedures for Fingerprinting can be found at NYSED fingerprint processing webpage:

    Forms Available:

    All NYS Learning Standards

    W-9 Form

    Invoice Template

    AIE-EE Artist Evaluation of School