Artist and Presenter Information

  • How to Become Accepted Artist/Presenter/Vendor in AIE/EE

    Procedure for New Artists/Presenters:  Complete and sign a W9 form (listed below) with your email address listed.  Please complete exactly as you will invoice us for payment.  You will be entered into our system and receive an auto-generated email with the instructions on completing the Consultant Application.    The email will come from

    All Artists:  Each year the Consultant Application, program descriptions and NYS Retirement system form must be updated. 

    The Consultant application consists of the following required components:

    1. Application w/references (must provide at least two)
    2. Program Description(s)

    a. AIE Programs must have a clear educational connection to the new Arts Standards or they will be listed under Exploratory Enrichment. New York State Arts Standards:

    b. Only Arts-In-Ed Programs can include Professional Development-not EE.

    1. NYS-NYC Retirement System forms must be completed each school year. Click here:  NYS-NYC Retirement System Status Form


    ***It is your responsibility to make sure your website is ADA Accessible.  In attaching a link or website you are agreeing that your website and/or Video are ADA accessible. 

    For more information:   

    Once we have received all required components you will be sent for review and inclusion in the online program catalogue.  (Review process dependent on availability of Advisory Council-Typically 1-2 weeks) Applications received prior to the deadline will receive an email of acceptance.


    All artists presenting workshops/or residencies are required to be fingerprinted.  Fingerprinting for the New York State Education Department (NYSED) is now handled by MorphoTrust and its subsidiary, IdenttoGo.  A listing of IdentoGo Live Scan sites can be found at IdentoGoWebsite:

    Procedures for Fingerprinting can be found at NYSED fingerprint processing webpage:

    Forms Available:

    All NYS Learning Standards

    W-9 Form

    Invoice Template

    AIE-EE Artist Evaluation of School