PLC @ Stony Brook Hospital Inpatient Program

  • PLC @ Stony Brook Hospital Inpatient Program


    Hospital-Based Educational Services

    The Premm Learning Center at Stony Brook Hospital offers hospitalized children a familiar routine and an opportunity to maintain a sense of hope while they receive medical treatment in an inpatient setting.  The on-site teacher collaborates with the students' own classrooom teachers to create an educational plan, and students engage in a combination of academic and social-emotional activties througout their admission.  By participating in the program, students are able to stay current with their academics and better connected to their school and peers.  Students are discharged prepared to return to school following their hospitalization.  PLC @ Stony Brook Hospital is available to students who may be hospitalized due to surgery, trauma, or whose chronic illness requires frequent admissions.  


    Age and Grades

    • Ages 5 - 18
    • Grades K-12th
    • Elementary, Middle and Secondary Level


    • Individualized Instruction

    Student Profile

    • General Education
    • Students with Disabilities  


    • General Assessment
    • Alternate Assessment 

    Program Exit Outcomes

    • Return to Prior School Placement