Beliefs & Goals



    We believe that...
    • Successful organizations create effective operational systems and enable individuals who take responsibility for their actions, are accountable for the programs and services they deliver to fulfill the expectations of those who rely on them, and use all of their expertise and resources to meet the expectations of those they serve.
    • Everyone has the right to a safe, healthy, and caring environment which fosters cultural competence, respect and high expectations, maximizes potential, motivates interest and enthusiasm, and encourages the sharing of ideas.
    • We are a diverse community of reflective, lifelong learners, both children and adults.
    • Our community of children and adult learners is a valuable resource entitled to the highest quality instruction and equitable service.
    • Respect, honesty, trust, and integrity are essential in all of our interactions.
    • Continuous evaluation, high standards, innovation, and effective communication are the foundation of organizational success.
    • The integrity and high standards of our educational programs are reflected in our student outcomes, and provide students with the skills they need to become responsible citizens and contributing members of the global society.
    • Effective communication of accurate information improves understanding and enhances engagement.
    • Production of quality outcomes depends on the collective effort of a well-developed and motivated workforce that embraces the agency’s mission and beliefs.



    1. HIGH STANDARDS FOR STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will ensure that every student who is educated in an Eastern Suffolk BOCES program meets or exceeds expectations set by the New York State Board of Regents.
    2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will promote the continued professional growth of current and future educators, leaders, and support staff by providing coordinated programs of needs-based, effective, and affordable professional development.
    3. SHARED SERVICES - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will promote and offer a wide array of needs-based services to school districts within the region, and facilitate partnerships between school districts, business and industry, municipalities, and institutions of higher education.
    4. PROGRAM AND SERVICES AVAILABILITY - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will be responsive to the region through the creation and delivery of high-quality, innovative programs and services, and other resources throughout the region.
    5. COST EFFECTIVENESS, QUALITY MANAGEMENT, AND OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will operate with optimum efficiency consistent with the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective programs and services, will utilize best management practices, and will actively seek new funding sources to aid in accomplishing its goals.
    6. TECHNOLOGY - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will continuously use an integrated system of technology to enhance operational and instructional effectiveness and efficiency, and support improved outcomes for all members of the educational community.
    7. STRATEGIC PLANNING - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will continuously seek stakeholder input to identify, assess, prioritize, and communicate its goals and objectives using a flexible strategic planning and budgetary process to support this endeavor.
    8. HEALTH, SAFETY, SECURITY, AND SPACE - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will ensure that appropriate space is available for all of its programs and services throughout the region, and that all students and staff have a safe, secure, and healthy environment in which to learn and work.
    9. PUBLIC INFORMATION - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will ensure that all stakeholders and their communities are knowledgeable about the full range and benefits of Eastern Suffolk BOCES programs and services.
    10. INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will ensure that all staff are fully informed about programs, services, and the strategic planning process.
    11. HUMAN RESOURCES - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will recruit, retain, and support a highly-qualified and diverse staff, and serve as a regional resource for human resource administration.
    12. RESEARCH, PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT, AND REGIONAL ADVOCACY - Eastern Suffolk BOCES will meet the present and future needs of its stakeholders through outreach, research, program improvement, and regional advocacy.



    Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always be visionary in planning for the future while operating within the following parameters which have been established by the Board:
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will only provide programs and services that conform to our mission.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always follow all established policies, laws, rules and regulations governing our agency.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always abide by negotiated agreements with all employees and will follow all applicable labor laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always engage in business practices that conform with laws, rules, and regulations and that follow applicable guidelines, including standard accounting practices.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will not tolerate discriminatory practices, prejudice or harassment of any kind.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always use respectful interpersonal interactions and peaceful methods of conflict resolution in its daily operations and will never tolerate speech or actions which compromise the dignity of the individual.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always be truthful.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always expect the highest level of performance from our staff and the highest level of achievement from our students and will provide a supportive environment for their work.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always maintain a safe, secure, and healthy environment for our students and staff.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES and its staff will never use partisan politics or personal gain as a basis for decision-making or actions, and will disclose all potential conflicts of interest.
    • Eastern Suffolk BOCES will always use a participatory management approach which relies upon total quality principles and practices.
      Amended 11/30/1999