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    Accelerating learning for all

    Every student can become their most amazing self with the guidance of an expert teacher to unlock their full potential. Renaissance exists to salute those teachers at the heart of every classroom.

    We bring the best of data analytics and research-based practice to support teachers nationwide. Teachers take it from there – after all, their guidance and warmth are the key component of student growth.

    Empower every teacher to overcome unique challenges.

    Even though the landscape of education is ever-changing, teachers answer the call to service to make a difference for students nationwide. Combining teacher-driven data insight with proven technology lightens the load.



    Gather the most reliable student data available (Did we mention it takes the least amount of testing time?)



    Engage students in meaningful, real practice based on intensive research, with built-in content proven to improve reading and math experiences



    Measure student growth and adjust individual goals to keep every student on their own path to mastery