School-wide Behavior Management System

  • The objective of the building-wide Behavior Management System is to enhance students’ ability to be responsible citizens in school and in life. We believe positive behavior is a skill that can be learned by all students. Every aspect of the Behavior Management System provides opportunities for our students to make positive behavioral choices. There are four levels within the system, including a level three-plus, each requiring positive adaptation to the behavioral and academic skills needed for long-term success. Students will receive a weekly point sheet in their homeroom class at the beginning of each week. Students are responsible and required to bring this point sheet with them to each class. At the beginning of each class, students must hand in their point sheet to a staff member and it will be returned at the end of that class period. Point sheets will be collected at the end of each day and returned to the students during homeroom each morning. All students are evaluated on a period by period basis in the following target areas:

    ●Prepared for Class: Student has daily point sheet and folder, is punctual for class, and is ready to begin class.

    Works Productively: Student completes assigned work or works throughout the class to complete assignments. Student demonstrates appropriate effort while working and utilizes class time wisely.

    Class Conduct: Student follows the staff directives, participates in class and speaks at appropriate times.

    Appropriate Social Skills: Student respects staff, peers and property. Student uses appropriate language. Student attempts to mediate conflicts with the support from staff.

    Transition: Student is able to transition throughout the day following the appropriate rules.

    Throughout the nine period day at Islip Academic Center the highest score a student can earn on a given day is 45 points. A student needs to earn a score of at least 43 in order to be credited a day toward ‘level’. Below is a chart illustrating the Daily Total Points as they apply toward level:

    Daily Points Earned = Leveled Days Earned / Lost
    Daily Points Earned Effect on Level
    45 pts. – 43 pts. + 1 Day towards Level
    42 pts. No Change
    41 pts. – 38 pts. - 1 Day from Level
    37 pts. – 34 pts. - 2 Days from Level
    33 pts. – 30 pts. - 3 Days from Level
    30 pts. – 27 pts. - 4 Days from Level

    Level 1
    All students enter the program on Level 1.

    Level 2
    Students on Level 1 can advance to Level 2 by earning a score of at least 43 or higher for fifteen days. Students reaching Level 2 may participate in all Level 2 activities.

    Level 3
    Students on Level 2 can advance to Level 3 by earning a score of at least 43 or higher for an additional fifteen days. Students reaching a Level 3 may participate in Level 3 activities. Once a student maintains Level 3 for approximately 30 days they will earn ‘Level 3 Plus’ level entitling them to the highest rewards that the program offers.