School-wide Behavior Management System

  • Students will participate in a building-wide behavior management system designed to promote and reward positive student behavior. Students earn points for appropriate academic and social behavior. In addition, the system may focus on short-term, individual target behaviors for each student. Students are assessed each period in five target areas. The program includes behavior levels, each with tangible and motivational rewards. By maintaining specific daily point levels, the students are able to advance to higher levels, each with more privileges. The students may use their points to purchase items in the school store, as well as being eligible for other rewards. These may include movies, game room, reward gym, reward breakfast or field trips, and other reward activities.

    The object of the behavior management system is to increase appropriate student behavior through positive reinforcement and consistent rewards. If a student is unable to respond to the above system, creating an unsafe environment, a separate location designed to maintain health and safety is provided. The goal is always to re-engage the student in the instructional process as quickly as possible.

    Based on the student’s overall performance including behavior, the students may have the opportunity to experience a less restrictive placement or ultimately return to their home school district.