School-wide Behavior Management System

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    All students participate in a building-wide behavior management system designed to encourage behaviors that support learning and successful social interaction. Daily behavior ratings within core areas, as well as target behaviors specific for each student permit movement through levels of increasing independence and responsibility. Students learn logical consequences for behaviors, through social skills training and reinforcement of appropriate behaviors. Consistent feedback and application of consequences encourage students to decrease the frequency of behaviors which impede success. Concurrently, students learn functional behaviors to enhance school adjustment and to maximize their potential. The development of decision-making skills assists them in improving their relationships with staff and peers and ultimately produces more productive members of society. While this building-wide system is effective with most students, individualized behavior intervention plans are implemented for students when necessary.

    In the event that a student is unable to respond to the above techniques, and he or she is creating a substantial disruption or an unsafe situation, a separate location designed to maintain health and safety is provided. The goal is always to re-engage the student in the instructional process as quickly as possible.

    The students placed at the included classes at Oregon Middle School and Longwood Junior High School do not participate in a building-wide behavior management system. Teachers may choose to implement a classroom management system, depending on the needs of their students.