PLC @ Merrimac Elementary School

  • PLC @ Merrimac Elementary is an included site program of the Premm Learning Center.


    Included Class Satellite Services

    The Premm Learning Center offers included class components for elementary students within off site district mainstream programs.  The students serviced within the included programs experience learning disabilities but exhibit minimal to no behavioral concerns.  The primary goal of the included class program is to maximize each student's potential and to act as the bridge to possibly return to home school district.  Instruction in these classes emphasizes a modified Common Core Curriculum, behavior management, and self-advocacy and social skills, while also providing for the opportunity to be integrated with the mainstream population for special subject classes, lunch, assemblies and academic subjects when appropriate.


    Age and Grades

    • Ages 8 - 11
    • Grades 3rd - 6th
    • Elementary Level


    • 8:1:1
    • 8:1:1 + 2

    Student Profile

    • Mild to moderate behavioral concerns
    • Mild to moderate developmental disabilities
    • Life Skills and significantly modified state curriculum


    • Alternate

    Commencement Goal

    • SACC
    SACC = Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential