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  • Doda, Nancy

    Doda, Nancy

    Nancy Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Engaging the adolescent learner
    ●Creating caring school cultures
    ●Implementing strategies that impact teaching and learning for all

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  • Dodge, Judy

    Dodge, Judy

    Judy Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Implementing co-teaching models and successful planning, instruction, assessment, and reflection
    ●Utilizing formative assessment to drive instruction
    ●Applying strategies for teaching ELLs in the general education classroom
    ●Tiering Instruction to meet multiple levels of earners
    ●Increasing student voice in content-area classrooms: using Socratic circles and academic conversations
    ●Differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners

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  • Johnson, Julia

    Johnson, Julia

    Julia Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Establishing/ developing of Gifted and Talented Programs curriculum, structure and organization
    ●Integrating technology
    ●Providing Nature Education
    ●Enhancing character education

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  • Letts, Nancy

    Letts, Nancy

    Nancy Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction
    ●Utilizing authentic teaching and learning strategies
    ●Providing Socratic Seminar training
    ●Analyzing effective group dynamics

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  • Wiley, Brandon

    Wiley, Brandon

    Brandon Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Project based learning
    ●Mastery-based learning
    ●Personalized learning

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