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  • Cicio, Joanne

    Cicio, Joanne

    Joanne Can Help With:
    Grades K-8
    ●Instructional Strategies for Math
    ●Engaging All Learners with Differentiated Math Stations

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  • Havens, Connie

    Havens, Connie

    Connie Can Help With:
    Grades K-8
    ●Singapore Math Strategies
    ●Ron Clarke Strategies
    ●Using Music to aid in Math
    ●Marilyn Burns Math Solutions
    ●Strategies for Problem Solving
    ●Intervention Services for Students with Math Deficiencies
    ●Family Math days
    ●Using Collegial Circles to Improve Math Instruction

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  • Jackson, Ryen

    Jackson, Ryen

    Ryen Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Scaffolding Instruction of Mathematics
    ●Equity in Mathematics
    ●Using Differentiated Math Stations

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  • Kolhoff, Diana

    Kolhoff, Diana

    Diana Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Mathematics Education Training for Elementary Teachers
    ●Implementing Research Based Best Practices for Mathematical Pedagogy K-12
    ●Increasing Rigor: deep conceptual understanding, fluency and application
    ●Understanding and applying mathematical practices
    ●Utilizing data driven instruction for differentiation
    ●Understanding Acceleration Pathways

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