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  • Davidian, Ann

    Davidian, Ann

    Ann Can Help With:
    Grades 7-12
    ●Implementing the progression of the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards from Kindergarten through 12th Grade
    ●Coaching teachers on writing lesson plans, incorporating multiple representations into their lessons, and improving their questioning techniques and test-taking strategies
    ●Leading curriculum writing projects

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  • Joseph, Michael

    Joseph, Michael

    Michael Can Help With:
    Grades K-8
    ●Mathematics Education Training for Elementary Teachers
    ●AIS Math Specialist.

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  • Kolhoff, Diana

    Kolhoff, Diana

    Diana Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Mathematics Education Training for Elementary Teachers
    ●Implementing Research Based Best Practices for Mathematical Pedagogy K-12
    ●Increasing Rigor: deep conceptual understanding, fluency and application
    ●Understanding and applying mathematical practices
    ●Utilizing data driven instruction for differentiation
    ●Understanding Acceleration Pathways

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