Non-Core Coaches - (click coach name to view more information)

  • Kussin, Steven

    Kussin, Steven

    Steven Can Help With:
    GRADES 9-12
    ●Creating effective scheduling
    ●Manipulating and innovating the traditional schedule
    ●Increasing instructional time
    ●Maximizing the impact of the school day

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  • Preble, William

    Preble, William

    William Can Help With
    Grades K-12
    ●School Climate
    ●Culture Research
    ●Professional Development Services

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  • Strauss, Anne Marie

    Strauss, Anne Marie

    Anne Marie Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Enhancing public speaking skills
    ●Improving leadership communication
    ●Understanding and applying accent modification
    ●Implementing mindfulness and communication
    ●Elevating presentation skills

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