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  • Neville, Kathy

    Neville, Kathy

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  • Benjamin, Amy

    Benjamin, Amy

    Amy Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Understanding and assessing reading comprehension
    ●Utilizing academic vocabulary to increase reading comprehension
    ●Implementing the writing process in content areas
    ●Teaching grammar
    ●Utilizing Socratic Seminar to encourage student discourse

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  • Buechner, Karen

    Buechner, Karen

    Karen Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Mind mapping in the content areas
    ●Using a writer's notebook to unlock student potential
    ●Culturally Responsive Teaching
    ●Equity Literacy for all learners

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  • Cordova, Sarah

    Cordova, Sarah

    Sarah Can Help With:
    GRADES K-8
    ●Utilizing literacy assessments to inform instruction
    ●Writing Curriculum and units of study for using Google Docs
    ●Providing administrator/parent workshops in the area of literacy
    ●Implementing poetry Workshop

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  • Heller, Bill

    Heller, Bill

    Bill Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Teaching Academic Vocabulary
    ●Teaching Advanced Literacy skills
    ●Using Guided Reading strategies
    ●Promoting text comprehension
    ●Creating Performance bases assessment tasks

    ●Utilizing academic vocabulary to increase reading comprehension
    ●Implementing the writing process in content areas
    ●Teaching grammar

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  • Jaccarino, Victor

    Jaccarino, Victor

    Victor Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Creating standards based curriculum, units, lessons
    ●Implementing best practices for reading and writing promoting close reading, raising text complexity, developing argument
    ●Teaching literacy in the content areas
    ●Applying critical thinking strategies
    ●Utilizing teaching protocols and student collaboration

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  • Kolbeck, Lauren

    Kolbeck, Lauren

    Lauren Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Balanced Literacy
    ●Reading and/or writing workshops
    ●Role of readers' and/ or writer's notebook

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  • Masin, Carol

    Masin, Carol

    Carol Can Help With:
    GRADES K-5
    ●Implementing phonics with fidelity
    ●Understanding and mastering of Alphabetic Principle
    ●Developing automaticity in decoding
    ●Supporting teachers to build foundational phonemic awareness and phonics skills, particularly those who are implementing Fundations and Just Words Curriculums

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  • Pecorale, Erica

    Pecorale, Erica

    Erica Can Help With:
    GRADES K-8
    ●Creating literacy rich environments
    ●Coaching and Modeling best practices
    ●Implementing a Balanced Literacy approach
    ●Developing literacy strategies

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  • Seeley, Kristina

    Seeley, Kristina

    Kristina Can Help With:
    GRADES K-8
    ●Administering the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment System to inform instruction
    ●Implementing the New York State Standards within the Reading and Writing Workshop K-8
    ●Using small group Instruction to improve reading achievement
    ●Empowering literacy coaches to support effective professional development

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  • Witman, Michelle

    Witman, Michelle

    Michelle Can Help With:
    GRADES K-8
    ●Implementing TC Reading and Writing Workshop units of study
    ●Using assessment to guide instructional decisions (Data Driven Decision Making)
    ●Providing reflective adult learning opportunities to increase sense of ownership and bring about effective shifts in literacy instruction
    ●Applying Universal Design Principles of Learning in the classroom setting
    Special Education GRADES 9-12
    ●Transition from high school to college
    ●Shift from IDEA to the Americans with Disabilities Act
    ●Students with invisible disabilities
    ●Preparing our high school students for the college classroom
    ●UDL - Universal Design for Learning Principles

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