Restorative Practices - (click coach name to view more information)

  • Bovard, Adele

    Bovard, Adele

    Ms. Bovard's Expertise Includes:
    ● Restorative Justice Principles and Practices
    ● Leadership and Organizational Development
    ● Site-Based Management

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  • Cavanagh, Tom

    Cavanagh, Tom

    Tom Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Restorative Justice Principles and Practices

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  • Donlin, Ruth

    Donlin, Ruth

    Ruth Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Behavior Planning, Management and Evidence Based Learning Strategies for students with autism
    ●Training on the needs of students with Autism

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  • Maglisceau, Tom

    Maglisceau, Tom

    Tom Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Distraction, Disruption, Motivation & Grit: Our Brains on Adolescence

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  • Nurieli, Kira

    Nurieli, Kira

    Kira Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Coaching including parent coaching
    ●Cross-Cultural Psychology

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  • Paget, Mike

    Paget, Mike

    Mike Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Behavior Consulting
    ●Managing Classroom Behavior
    ●Crisis Intervention

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  • Ripple, Diane

    Ripple, Diane

    Diane Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Inclusive Education
    ●Differentiated Instruction
    ●Para Professional Training
    ●Community Building

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  • Wright, Jim

    Wright, Jim

    Jim Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Creating and sustaining an effective Response to Intervention (RTI) model
    ●Implementing strategies for the “defiant” learner
    ●Collecting data to choose and apply effective behavioral interventions
    ●Planning school - wide violence protection programs
    ●Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
    ●Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) for Behavior

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