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  • McCullough, Lawrence

    McCullough, Lawrence

    Lawrence Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Creating a need profile/ Substantiating program significance
    ●Developing Goals, Objectives and Success Measures
    ●Crafting an approach or project description building a plan, design, and methods of implementation
    ●Presenting a Budget and Supporting Budget Narrative
    ●Devising Evaluation Methods and Engaging a Local or National Evaluator
    Multicultural GRADES K-12
    ●Training to K-12 teachers in cultural diversity
    ●Developing and adapting curricula to ensure multicultural perspectives and providing professional and leadership development in the area of multicultural education

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  • Philip Olynciw

    Olynciw, Philip

    Phillip Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Creating a need profile and establishing significance
    ●Developing goals, objectives and success measures
    ●Crafting approach or program descriptions
    ●Building a plan, design or method of implementation
    ●Choosing and presenting personnel
    ●Presenting a budget and budget narrative
    ●Engaging a local evaluator and your evaluation plan
    Instructional Strategies GRADES K-12
    ●Group Dynamics and Choice Theory
    ●Classroom Management Techniques
    ●Social and Behavioral Contracting
    ●Academic Contracting
    ●Classroom Community Meetings
    ●The teacher as a facilitator

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  • Peppe, Rose

    Peppe, Rose

    Rose Can Help with
    GRADES K-12
    ●Consolidated Application for Titles I, II and III
    ●ESSA Legislation and Compliance Issues for Titles I, II and III
    ●Kindergarten-Grade 12 Literacy across all content areas

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  • Taldone, Catherine

    Taldone, Catherine

    Catherine Can Help With:
    Grades K-12
    ●Coordinating self- sustaining programs
    ●Increasing grant writing & management
    ●Implementing program planning and development
    ●Creating school & community partnerships

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