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  • Annunziato, Anthony

    Annunziato, Anthony

    Dr. Annunziato's Expertise Includes:
    ● Collaborative Leadership
    ● Collective Mindset
    ● School Improvement Planning

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  • Bernato, Richard

    Bernato, Richard

    Dr. Bernato's Expertise Includes:
    ● Collaborative Leadership and Shared Decision Making
    ● 21st Century Competencies/ Systems thinking
    ● School Improvement/School Quality Review

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  • Blackburn, Kathy

    Blackburn, Kathy

    Dr. Blackburn's Expertise Includes:
    ● Collaborative Decision Making
    ● Organizational Development
    ● Data Driven Analysis

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  • Daly-Lewis, Joan

    Daly-Lewis, Joan

    Dr. Daly-Lewis' Expertise Includes:
    ● Growth-Focused Teacher Performance Appraisal Systems (APPR)
    ● Learning Walks (Teachers and Administrators)
    ● Understanding Evidence-Based Teacher Observation and Danielson Framework training
    ● Utilizing Video as a Tool for Self-Reflection and School Improvement (Teachers and Administrators)

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  • De Luca, Deborah

    De Luca, Deborah

    Dr. De Luca's Expertise Includes:
    ● Leadership and Organizational Development
    ● Social Emotional Learning
    ● Book Studies

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  • Jorgensen, Raymond

    Jorgensen, Raymond

    Dr. Jorgensen's Expertise Includes
    ● Boards of Education Retreats
    ● Leadership and Team Building Practices
    ● Strategic and Organizational Development

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  • Klimek, Emma

    Klimek, Emma

    Ms. Klimek's Expertise Includes:
    ● Organizational Development
    ● Data Driven Instruction
    ● Inquiry Teaming

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  • Kussin, Steven

    Kussin, Steven

    Dr. Kussin's Expertise Includes:
    ● Building a Master Schedule in 10 Easy Steps (training)
    ● Creating Master Schedules for K-12 Schools
    ● School Organization

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  • McTigue, Jay

    McTigue, Jay

    Jay Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●UbD Curriculum Design
    ●Designing Authentic Assessments
    ●Curriculum Mapping

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  • Peppe, Rose

    Peppe, Rose

    Rose Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Every Student Succeeds Act
    ●Effective Instructional Practices

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  • Rullan, Anne

    Rullan, Anne

    Dr. Rullan's Expertise Includes:
    ● Instructional Best Practices
    ● Curriculum Development
    ● Leadership Mentoring

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  • Simmons, Randy

    Simmons, Randy

    Randy Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Providing AIS mentoring services informed by data
    ●Enhancing instructional coaching in all content areas by analyzing student data
    ●Implementing and maintaining effective data teams
    ● Facilitating the training of teachers and administrators in the design of rigorous assessments at all grade levels and in all departments
    ●Linking Webb's Depth of Knowledge as well as other criteria related to classifying the objectives and rigor of assessment tasks

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  • Staib, Peggie

    Staib, Peggie

    Peggie Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Developing & Fostering positive school culture
    ●Teacher Mentor Training
    ●Social Emotional Learning

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  • Van Cott, Alan

    Van Cott, Alan

    Alan Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Leadership Development
    ●Moving Schools from good to great

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  • Winter, Debra

    Winter, Debra

    Debra Can Help With:
    GRADES K-12
    ●Special Education Collegial Circles

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