2016-2017 Bilingual/ENL Coordinator Meetings' Materials

The materials below have been disseminated at our 2016-17 Bilingual/ENL Coordinators' Meetings and are available for viewing and downloading, as needed.

Coordinators' Meeting Materials - 10/27/16

Coordinators' Meeting Materials - 12/13/16

Coordinators' Meeting Materials - 2/14/17

Coordinators' Meeting Materials - 4/20/17

  • Bilingual and ENL Department Protocols and Procedures: THE BUFSD ELL "PURPLE FOLDER”

    These materials were shared as part of the presentation by Wanda Ortiz-Rivera, Coordinator of Bilingual and ENL Programs, and Juana Cruz, former Coordinator of Bilingual and ENL Programs.  The "Purple Folder" is the document used in the Brentwood UFSD to assist in keeping all records pertaining to ELL students in the same place, and is kept available in the ELL students' Cumulative Records, as required under CR Part 154-2.3 (c):


    (c) Retention of Identification and Review Records. 
    (1)  Each  school  district  shall  maintain in the student’s cumulative record information regarding the parent’s or person in parental relation’s preferred language or mode of communication, as indicated on the Home Language Questionnaire.  
    (2)  Each  school  district  shall  maintain  all  documents  related  to  the  initial  identification and  any  subsequent  review  process,  including  the  Home  Language  Questionnaire, English  language  proficiency  identification  assessment  results,  and  any  other  records generated  as  part  of  the  identification  process  and  review  process  as  defined  in paragraphs  (a)  and  (b)  of  this  section.  Such  information  shall  be  maintained  as  part  of the student’s cumulative record.  

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  • Panel Presentation on ELL Data Systems & SIRS L2RPT

    This Panel Presentation explored the ways in which several district information systems are used to track aspects of ELL data for a variety of purposes.  The presenters and systems included:

             • Lisa Estrada, Hicksville UFSD PowerSchool & ELLevation

             • Alba Gallegos, Hewlett-Woodmere UFSD – Infinite Campus & ELLevation

             • Cathy Lang, Shoreham-Wading River UFSD – Infinite Campus & SIRS

             • Elizabeth Reveiz, East Hampton UFSD – School Tool


    In addition, a PowerPoint presentation prepared by Cathy Lang includes information about how the NYSED Student Information Repository System (SIRS) can also be used to retrieve relevant ELL data, along with examples of currently available SIRS reports.

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  • Reporting Immigrant Students for 2017-18 Title III Funding

    This PowerPoint presentation contains salient information on the protocols and procedures needed to complete the 2017 Title III Immigrant Count.  Links to web sites related to the definition of "immigrant student," information required, and to the Immigrant Survey itself are contained on the PPT slides.

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Coordinators' Meeting Materials - 6/8/17