Program Overview

    Welcome to Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts-in-Education services, where we are committed to the role that the arts play in the education of the Whole Child.  The arts and artists presented through Arts-in-Education (AIE) programs promote personal growth and community understanding by enabling students to process and create meaning from what they learn about people, events and places. Educationally, the arts have a place in the classroom not only for their own sake, but also as rich, relevant and integral connections to classroom work that support as well as align with and enliven core curriculum.  Exploratory Enrichment (EE) offers meaningful programs that do not address arts standards.
    AIE offers the Arts-in-Education & Exploratory Enrichment Program Catalog of over 1000 programs, including FIELD TRIPS which include: program descriptions, standards alignment, grade level suitability, cost, contact information, and more. These programs are categorized by various art forms and by curriculum areas. The AIE office also maintains a database of performer evaluations from the previous year in which schools rate the programs they have received in four areas: artistic quality, educational quality, student response and presenter interaction, as well as technical quality. Teachers also note reasons why they would/would not recommend a program to other school districts.
    Can’t find the artist/presenter/organization in the Contract Request drop-down menu? That means they are not yet in our system. Please contact AIE office to start their 2016-17 application.

    Other services available from AIE include:

    • Advisory Council Meetings - Regularly scheduled, informative meetings for school district and cultural arts representatives.
    • Block-Booking - Cooperative scheduling enables bookings of programs from distant artists.
    • Calendar - Monthly calendar of Suffolk County AIE events for previewing programs booked in other schools.
    • Conference Planning - For districts and the cultural community.
    • Contracting & Payment Services - Contracting and payment of all program contract requests, in cooperation with school district representatives.
    • Information Services - Suggestions on specific programming as well as publication and more.
    • Preview Service - Information on programs previewed at county, state, national and international showcases.
    • Teacher Workshops - In-service workshops designed to help classroom teachers integrate the arts into their classroom.