This section provides access to the program’s current newsletters, as well as an informational flyer regarding the program and the services offered. 
The EAP is provided as a benefit to the employee and their families by the participating school districts, agencies and municipalities. 
EAP Pathways Newsletter
The two EAP PATHWAYS Newsletters, one for Employees and one for Supervisors are provided monthly, and are distributed to every employee participating in the program.  Each newsletter addresses current and pertinent topics that may affect a large number of individuals.   
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September 2016  
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Employees, click here
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Supervisors, click here
October 2016
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Employees, click here 
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Supervisors, click here  
November 2016 
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Employees, click here 
EAP PATHWAYS Newsletter for Supervisors, click here 
When is EAP Right for Me? This publication highlights for employees and their family members the types of issues and problems that the Employee Assistance program can provide assistance for.  Additionally, this publication will clarify the assessment and counseling services provided by the program.